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Everyone needs a break. Greet seasonal changes  in your finest form with this herbal stress busting set: Peak Performance set. A great introductory sampler to find your herbal new  BFF. Rotate herbs every six- 8 weeks for best results. $58 ($43 Using Code STAYWELL15 also good for $15 off any Apothekary order.)CBGa Boost


A relaxing, herbal alternative 

Take the Edge Off,  a new  herbal tincture formulated with potent botanicals that help lower feelings of stress, worry, and tension in a moment’s notice. If you find yourself needing a glass of white wine at night, this is a great replacement.

Take the Edge Off is 100% Certified Organic, third-party tested, alcohol-free (with vegetable glycerin as a base), and sugar-free..
Blends well with a dash of CBD.

Note: this blend features herbs that are not safe for pregnancy. If you're expecting (congrats!) try Meet My Wombmate for a great alcohol alternative.

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Investment: $19 | Which we'll give back in the form of a credit to apply to your recommended products.

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